Financial Contributions

Jan Chetna Manch, Bokaro is dependent on the contributions, support and donations from the community, philanthropic organisations, friends and well wishers. We appreciate all of these ways of helping us to continue the work we are doing, expand into new avenues in the future, and to improve the lives of the poorest. You may wish to help us financially or by volunteering your time.

General fund

This is the most flexible fund to contribute to. This enables JCMB to continue the various
activities it is involved in, for both non-project and in-between project expenses.
However, if you would like to donate for a particular project there more suggestions

Corpus fund

JCMB is trying to build up a corpus fund, for the long term financial stability of the

Hospital fund

This fund is used for running costs of the hospital, building the new health centre in
Koromtanr village, and for equipment for hospital development.

Sponsor major surgery for women

Rs.15,000 will cover most of the costs of major surgery that we carry out, or need to refer
women for. This is either for caesarean sections or hysterectomy. Poor villagers often sell
their land and assets to pay for surgery.

Sponsor care for preterm babies

Rs.15,000 will cover the cost of one preterm baby & mum in our baby room for one

Sponsor mental health treatment for poor patients

Rs.1000 will cover the cost of medication for poor patients with severe mental health
problems for 3 months.

Sponsor health worker trainees

JCMB’s health centre relies heavily on local women and girls, who are mostly trained by us.
Rs.2,500 will cover the cost of the stipend for one health worker trainee per month, or
Rs.30,000 per year.

Sponsor tuition fees for poor students

JCMB will identify poor, but meritorious students – girls in particular – who can be
encouraged to study by providing them with the cost of the tuition fees, which are
currently Rs.500 per month or Rs.6000 per year.