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Women's Health

The Women’s Health Centre stemmed from a long standing need and demand of poor rural women, who previously had no access to quality health care for their problems. Poor women got poor health care. As women became organised through the Self Help Groups, their demands for better health care for themselves also grew. The first health centre for women was established in 1997, with the contributions of the SHG members’ ‘Mahila Mandal Samiti’. It started in a few rented rooms above a row of shops. Soon this became too small for the growing activities, and the women demanded a bigger space – which after a fair amount of struggle was provided by government financial help. Jan Chetna Manch, Bokaro was given the contract to build a women’s community centre in Chamrabad, which included space for health activities.

JCMB has always felt that the health care of rural women ought to be looked after by rural women themselves. The overwhelming team of health care workers in the Women’s Health Centre are local women. They have undergone extensive and lengthy training through JCMB, and follow evidenced based protocols, integrated with positive traditional practices.

The Women’s Health Centre in Chamrabad has both outdoor and indoor facilities. The clinic provides health services to women, children and other villagers residing in the area. It also has a 12 bedded indoor facility, mainly for women in childbirth and with pregnancy related problems. Data for some of the services provided in the centre have been provided in the table below:

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